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Experienced entrepreneurs, artists evoking emotions, mature designers who appreciate minimalism and young nitpicking minds.

Your goals are our goals.
Check out what we have done for others:

Noa is my way of life and a way of workplace organization for others. Holy prepared for me a system of workplace reservation available online. This makes it fast and effective in terms of measuring occupancy and I can efficiently manage my services. The business is fully scalable and Noa is growing, that’s what it’s all about.

Paulina Wierzbicka,

About Holy in a few words? They know what they are doing. They don’t succumb to any whims and put forward solutions which are actually effective for the client. To our company image they staked the ideas of emotion, relationships, natural power – All of which has been a hallmark of our company and something which we actively subscribe to. This was paramount.

Karolina Boborowska,

The image of the Aviso brand fully demonstrates the benefits that we wanted to communicated to our customers. The branding was exceptionally well received by our clients and competition. Already during the first year since our new branding we have noticed several projects inspired by our image. Absolutely innovative, refined in implementing details. Excellent work, which effectively promotes the company.

Marcin Pilch,
Kancelaria Aviso

are we?

We are a studio, not an agency. We don’t like such a term as it doesn’t fit us. We appreciate an intimate atmosphere in our workshop and a small team with a lot of freedom that liberates our creativity. Working in such a way gives us a refined working process and motivated people. More than anything we work with great people first and foremost. Great people with whom you’ll love to work with.

we like

Simplicity, creative solutions, fast internet, good coffee or yerba mate, the scent of new books, a clean notepad, new challenges and mondays. This is how you love what you do.


Our studio is a close knit team of people with complementary skills. The people taking responsibility for all this are the owners Piotr Synowiec and Gabriela Kanik. To begin with, these are the people you will get to know.

How do we
get results?

We design well because we like to learn, and not just design and branding. We put into motion ideas from the realms of psychology, sociology and economy. Thanks to this we understand how to reach people, what they expect and what discourages them – we will tell you how to reach out to your clients. We draw on our surroundings and the experience and mistakes of other designers. Our solutions are the result of many years of working on our abilities.

We are partners
and employers

Talent is not the most important thing for us, we can do without all the clever clogs.
If you have experience in design, and you know that first
and foremost design is functionality and then beauty,
if you pay attention to details, care about the organization
of your work and you can take criticism – wow,
you are still reading! – then get in touch with us.

Drop us a line!

Can we help you out? If so, speak to us. Don’t delay, expand your brand with us. Let’s talk about what we can do today.

Piotr Synowiec

Peter Synowiec

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