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Brand design is a business investment, give us a theme and we will come up with only the best designs.


Something that no brand can do without. Branding enables customers to identify and remember your brand, build and perpetuate positive brand associations and ensure a good first impression.

Just a word (or a few), but vitally important. A brand name should be memorable, clear, rolls off the tongue. Appropriate for your product or service (without necessarily being descriptive), including elements of the company's story and matching business development strategy. This is definitely much more than just a word.

An ideal logo is the one appropriate for your brand and your customer. Not necessarily for you. A good logo is readable, fits in with brand communication and the preferences of the target customer. Further, it should sufficiently interpret the company name and adequately demonstrate the value of the company. Forget excessive originality, more important is accuracy and reference to the brand’s context.

Key visuals can be used to tweak your logo and generate an appropriate vibe to your project. It is the main, company visual motif which supports various advertising forms. Well designed key visuals reinforces the tone of communication, presents emotion and attracts the attention of those to whom it is addressed.

Not everything traditional is resigned to the past. Basic materials, business cards, paper, envelopes and eternally useful. We design these only for those customers for whom we designed a logo. A little distinction can go far ;)

Examples of branding implementation


An interface without a thought out user experience is like a crazy painter who lacks inspiration and an idea - he wants to create, but doesn’t know what and how. In turn, we get an experience like a sculpture of a skeleton – maybe it makes sense, but the target audience doesn’t really get it. A good tool begins with UX, which is implemented by the UI.

We put ourselves in the shoes of the user. Literally, many times and in many ways. We create scenarios and personas, we analyze every tiny detail and question the operation of each. We compare competitive solutions, examine the content, design mock-ups and prototypes. We also work alongside developers.

Perhaps you are at the beginning of the road - you have an idea for a website or application, you believe that it caters for a need or solves a problem. Are you wondering how to get stuck into everything? Do you need to collect together all the required information and lay down the basis of the project? We provide such support in the consultation framework.

The best interfaces are invisible to the user, natural. Enabling the user to simply use the tool, bringing satisfaction and pleasure in use, delivering exactly what is wanted. With these solutions, clients can happily go about their business - minus any frustration, stretched patience or a feeling of having wasted time if they haven’t been able to solve their problem. We create user-friendly interfaces - those we want to come back to again and again, like a much loved restaurant.

Functionality, developing behavior and responsive keys (UX) are transferred to your project’s design - or interface (UI). This is the in which we can visualize the tool.

Examples of UX / UI implementation


We read somewhere that design is the ‘art’ of business – not exactly. In contrast to art, design always has a defined recipient, a concrete goal and should be readable, clear and sometimes obvious in its delivery. How is the design of your brand?

Responsiveness is comparable to wrapping presents, we need to carefully think about the amount of wrapping paper we need and the presents we have in order not to waste any paper. We create first rate web pages to the needs of the user, looking gorgeously on either smartphones, tablets or computers.

We prepare mock-ups of your vision, design prototypes and promotional materials to help you get the attention of investors. Whether it be iOS, Android or Windows Phone - we are ready to work.

With PSD/AI file types work is never done. You are not required to know anything technical, just understand that as you sleep peacefully, our people are working hard on your project - using technologies such as HTML, CSS3 and WordPress.

So important that we put them into a separate design phase. Good design here decides whether your icon will stand out from the vast array of others. Get clicks or die.

If you have any additional questions or you need assistance in selecting the tools and solutions we have on offer, or if you have an idea for an app and you would like someone to consult, then take advantage of the expertise in our team. Consultations are charged at an hourly rate.

Examples of design implementation


This is what makes the brand be perceived by clients as both authentic and valuable. It brings coherence to all the elements of our brand.

Here we assess potential clients and the situation on the market. We identify strengths and areas where we need to change. We suggest areas that need to take highest priority, and those which according to our budget, can wait.

A comprehensive version of the document for you, and a shortened version for your partners ( employees or contractors). The basis of your company’s communication is designed here – we define the target group and places where clients meet the brand so that we can finally work on the positive experience customers have when in permanent contact with our brand. Structured knowledge and a wealth of promotion ideas are waiting for you.

Customers are looking for products and services tailored to their lifestyle and value system How well do you know how your offer fits in with their choices? We will build for you a story that will generate positive connotations with your customer, alongside adding emotion to your product or service and enhancing the credibility of your business communications.

Short and long text forms, written in a tone fitting to the communication needs of your brand. We speak in the language of your client so that text captures their attention, clear in delivery and enabling the client to take action as you expected.

This is the solution for those who don’t know what they need, what they lack or how to go about working on their brand. We help to establish an action plan and put forward solutions. Our communication consultation service is also a great addition for those customers who are undertaking a project concerning their company image with us and need support in its implementation.

Examples of communication implementation

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