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Ahway! – Startup branding

All about how a name change helped move forward a company story.


An application for travelers

Ahway is an application that makes it easy to plan and organize travel at all stages, regardless of the nature of the trip. It enables booking of tickets, accommodation and travel to the destination alongside the creation of a task list with reminders.

Ahway - an application for travelers


Everything in one place

The application has several user types – from the experienced traveler, the busy businessman, to the novice traveler who wants to organize a loved one’s farewell trip. Whatever the nature of the travel, the application makes it easier to organize and thus strengthen the positive experience of traveling. Our task was to give the trip a universal character and transfer it to the brand design.

Goal - Everything in one place
Goal - Everything in one place


Ah Away!

Our client came to us with their previous name; unfortunately it didn’t give us a basis for the brand design experience which our customer expected. The application is part of a London–based start-up and would be operating on this market. Therefore, the base of the name is the English-language term „away” – in most general terms, we wanted to focus on the concept of being far and away. Adding one letter and at the same time the phrase – „ah” – creates a neologism whose base remains clear. So here we have our trip (away), which regardless of the purpose may be enjoyable,&nbps;with a positive experience (ah).

Naming - Ah Away!
Naming - Ah Away!

Company materials

Simple key visuals and icons

In order not to overwhelm the icon of the company, we focused on a simple key visual. The company template comprises turned and dashed lines – reminiscent of runways or intersecting roads as seen from the air. We focused on a set of strong colors, of which red is the main color letterhead. We prepared a set of simple icons for use on future company materials.

Company materials - Simple key visuals and icons
Company materials - Simple key visuals and icons

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