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Aviso – Law branding

This case can defend itself ;) – take a look at an image enhancement project for a law firm.


Dare to be different

Every major player once stood at the starting blocks. The image of the Aviso law firm is a good example of an enterprising start, distinguishing the brand from experienced competitors. It is also a brand that has dared to refresh and change the traditional, and the often boring.

Aviso - Dare to be different


A sense of security and clear communication

Most of us associate the legal profession with stern men in suits, walking around using an often incomprehensible language, and with clients keeping their distance. This type of service also connotates with high prices, stress and a low comfort experience of the brand. Aviso are lawyers-people for people. They care about both the effectiveness and comfort of cooperation. Aviso take advantage of crystal clear, comprehensible language, alongside always taking care of details, becoming close to their clients and a universal standard for all – regardless of the importance of the case or financial status of the client.

The meaning of the word "aviso":

  • “Aviso” is a word of French origin, comparable to the more commonly known corvette class of ships. They are small boats used to patrol or escorting other ships previously served to transmit commands and orders
  • information, communication, advice


(Not so) Little Law Office

When Aviso started their work, it was a small firm, comprised entirely of its founders. Great professionals who complemented each other perfectly, and from day one began to earn the trust of several big fish on the market. The symbol of the brand has become a small ship, such as those used for patrolling and escorting other ships. These vessels initially served to transmit commands and orders – another meaning of the word „aviso” or “corvette”.

Naming - (Not so) Little Law Office

Company materials

Simple elegance

The main elements of the project are communication and symbolism – the chosen theme was to have a neutral but complementary form. We focused on the use of a film frame, which we can see on the page. The corporate colors are red, black, gray and white - determined, clear and strong. They focus attention on the brand and allow it to stand out from other trusted competitors.

Company materials - Simple elegance
Company materials - Simple elegance


A calming film in the background

The experience of the page starts with a film – we can see a rough sea with battering waves. This provides a good background for the most important message we can go onto see on the main page – calm and an insurance of good choice. The page clearly shows both the scope of the law office, and the lawyers-partners.

WWW - kojący film w tle

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