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You have my attention

Bathē – Cosmetic branding

Body care soothing ritual. See how simplicity and pastel color palette create a luxury brand statement.


Encourage to bathe

Bathē is a project that we created for a minimal bath cosmetics brand. Its goal is to encourage to enjoy an activity, which for many people is just a boring element of an everyday routine. We prepared this brand identity as part of a different project but the client eventually chose an alternative project of ours. Nonetheless, rather than just putting this proposal into the drawer, we gave it a second life and a custom new name.

Goal - Encourage to bathe


The name explains it all

The name is based on the word „bathe” to which we have added a macron - diacritical mark used to accentuate a long vowel. It puts an accent on the last letter and emphasizes the length of a relaxing bathing ritual.

Naming - The name explains it all
Naming - The name explains it all


Pastels and minimalism

Bold typography and calm, pastel colors are what best describe the packaging design. Product names are well visible against luxurious dark glass, while minimal logo accentuates the brand's personality.

Opakowania produktowe - pastele i minimalizm

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