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Naming and visual identification for a brand of dresses stitched in Poland.

Bombshe - logo



Bombshe is a fashion brand that offers elegant, sexy dresses in timeless styles. The clothes are both designed and sewn in Poland. The brand was created for girls, who can run the world — even if they don’t believe in that yet.

Client - Bombshe


Between elegance and sex appeal

The goal of the brief was to create an identity, that would emphasize who the recipients of the brand statement are — young, often insecure women, who have the guts to fight and take care of themselves. But at the same time, we wanted to highlight the delicateness and femininity that form a neutral background for the product line. From this mix, we’ve created an unusual, provocative name joined by a minimal logo and a feminine color palette.

Goal - Between elegance and sex appeal


Bombshe, synonym of beautiful and strong

We were looking for a neologism, which would be catchy and simple at once. Our base was a popular English word ”bombshell” from which we cut off the reminder. As a result, naming’s roots are still understandable. Also, this choice gave us a combination of ”bomb” and ”she”, which tweaks a little bit the branding communication. That’s the way we did it.

Name - Bombshe, synonym of beautiful and strong

Company materials

Classy with a twist

Branding stationary is just as simple as the whole branding concept. Business cards were enriched with gilding by the hot stamping method, the letterhead and envelopes are embellished by a pattern, that also appeared in the first brand catalogue. We have also prepared a delivery box design with an abbreviated logo, company tagline, and a black ribbon. The rest of the materials — thank you card, stickers and gift card — were designed based on the same key visual.

Company materials - Classy with a twist
Company materials - Classy with a twist

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