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Developers different than others. Check out how illustrations and bold colors helped design the image of a software house with a human face.


Always close at hand

Codee is a software house founded by developers who truly care about their relationships with clients. They’re the opposite of typical computer guys – instead of avoiding it, they make contact and solve problems before they even appear. Codee believes in building business based on close relationships both with clients and employees. The company is made of people who share personal approach and passion for good code. The quality of their work is what makes Codee stand out. We used it as a foundament for the brand’s inspiring new image.

Codee - Always close at hand


Different kind of software house

Ever since it was founded, Codee stood out thanks to the personal approach and involvement. However, before the rebranding, it got lost in the sea of other software houses that sport homogeneous, cold image. In our project, we focused on what makes the brand unique – energy, smile, and communication. We created a series of distinctive and friendly illustrations and used a vivid color palette to show that code is more than just 0s and 1s.

Goal - Different kind of software house


Hello, I'm Codee

For this brand we designed not so much the name as an… alias. It was created based on an English word „code” which is a direct reference to the one high-quality product that Codee has to offer – coding websites and applications. We doubled the last letter of the name to give it a soft sound and highlight personal aspects of the brand. Just like an employee, Codee is a person who happily carries out tasks and completes client projects. Short and sweet, the name is easy to remember and delightful to pronounce - like the name of a really good mate.

Naming - Hello, I'm Codee

Brand materials

Social media and industry meetups

Business card, lanyard, online ads, and Facebook profile - for Codee we created a wide spectrum of brand materials. We focused on illustrations as they underline the brand’s unique features and help it stand out from the competition. Codee meets its clients and employees in many different situations, from Facebook to industry meetups. If, during one of these events, you spot a mug with an illustration of a smiling developer wearing a yellow t-shirt, don’t hesitate to stop by and say hello!

Brand materials - Social media and industry meetups


Website that lives on

A typical agency website definitely wouldn’t suit Codee’s character and style. Instead, we designed an airy single-page website that is easy to navigate and full of positive energy. Animated characters in the illustrations live among modules which in a simple and accessible way explain why Codee is your best choice when it comes to web development. Their bright and lively colors are balanced out by plenty of breathing space and well-matched typography.

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