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Femme de Cupcakes – Jewelery branding

Decorative visual identification for a jewelery brand from the USA.

Femme de Cupcakes

Femme de Cupcakes

Pampered by jewelry

It is a brand made for women who want to dress fashionably, ensuring their individual character is on show. Their offer includes, amongst others, customizable jewelry, which can be matched up together in any way with other accessories such as handbags and wallets. The brand operates in the US market. The owners picked out a name that combines English (omnipresent, international) with French – a language often associated with elegance, chic and fashion.

Femme de Cupcakes - Pampered by jewelry


Sweetness, elegantly packaged

Our client was aiming for beauty, changing trends and sweetness, all of which are inescapable when in the context of female taste. Our task was to create an elegant brand, economical design, whilst all the time referring to the sweet and funny names created by the clients. The logo is presentable equally well in both in print and engraved.

Goal - Sweetness, elegantly packaged

Printed materials

Colors are most important

Company materials were kept simple in style. We furthered the basic design from the key visual and mixed in several colors. On business cards, the pattern has been enhanced by gold foil. On bags, we can see short texts in a loose tone that complement the brand experience built directly into the store.

Materiały drukowane - Colors are most important
Materiały drukowane - Colors are most important
Materiały drukowane - Colors are most important
Femme de Cupcakes

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