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Magiczny składnik – Culinary branding

Magiczny składnik – Culinary blog as a business idea – brand identification project.

Magiczny składnik

Original recipes, for an original blog

Culinary blogs differ amongst themselves not only in terms of the recipes on show or the photography, but also in the developmental strategy adopted by the authors. Some are content in their own kitchen; others are trying to transform a passion into a business. This is the case of Tom, whose success moved on to professional pastures. For this reason, the blogger in question set his sights on a real transformation – its primary objective being to project the author’s character onto the new logo, giving the branding a culinary symbol and distinctive style.

Magiczny składnik - Original recipes, for an original blog


From a childish drawing, to a powerful, masculine symbol

The problem we needed to solve with this project is directly related to communication. Although the name contains a strong metaphor, it is both too abstract and universal. The idea behind the name was difficult to imagine accurately and people seemed to have a completely different interpretation of what it meant. However, the most important element of the branding is the author. His personality, his style, everything he brings to his work. We didn’t want to build any childish associations with magic, stars or wands. Nor did we want to give the project a sterile laboratory feel, instead we left the magic itself. We let sit somewhere above all, in reckless form.

Goal - From a childish drawing, to a powerful, masculine symbol


A modern coat of arms

Modern, culinary alchemy or an enthusiast’s workshop? No need to choose. Amongst other things, our inspiration primarily came from coats of arms of professional guilds in times gone by – presented here in a simpler form. The key visual label complements the logo. In designing it, we thought about library catalogs, kitchen recipes and simple pharmacy labels.

Inspiration - A modern coat of arms

Company materials

Key visual in use

The first part of the project to use the key visual concept were the business cards. We wanted for them to be a more permanent form of a label. In addition to the necessary data, we also have a short tagline, defining the profile of the brand.

Materiały firmowe - key visual w użyciu

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