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Mali Ludzie – Clothing branding

Little people and great customers. The image of a children's clothing store.

Mali Ludzie

Mali Ludzie

A shop different then others

The name prepared by our client displays their attitude towards children – reaching out to them with sensitivity, but at the same time, treating them seriously from their moment of birth. Mali Ludzie, or “Little People” is a brand store with clothes and accessories for children of all ages, alongside items to decorate children’s rooms. The brand focuses on a wide variety of things – those nice as well as practical, comfortable as well as high quality.

Mali ludzie - A shop different then others


Children do not need masks

The children’s clothing market is full of fabulous, exaggerated, gaudy designs whereby kids are depicted as something sweet, little or „disguised” and not really taken seriously. In our project, we wanted to show children as they are – young people with emotions, imagination, with their own sense of uniqueness, but also belonging to a group. Children whose needs and opinions are to be taken seriously and respectfully.

Goal - Children do not need masks
Goal - Children do not need masks

Company materials

Space for range

The simplicity of design and colors helped us to identify the brand and at the same time not obscure patterns, colors and forms, which resonate throughout the store range. We also hope to stimulate dialogue by our new motto – shop for kids only! This is a reversal of the more commonly seen phrase – for adults only, reinforcing commitment to children.

Company materials - Space for range
Company materials - Space for range

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