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Client - Productz


Productz is the Internet’s most powerful product specification database and comparison tool. You can search and browse thousands of products from different categories — from fridges to mobile phones to VR headsets. Found something interesting? Save it and compare-side-by side or read relevant reviews from all over the web.

Client - Productz
Client - Productz


No more boring tables

Traditional product databases and comparison tools are boring. They’re usually just tables that are very difficult to read. We knew that in order to make our client’s brand stand out, we must design an exquisite logo and delightful user experience that will make products pop. We analyzed the market and went in exactly the opposite direction. The result is a fresh-looking logo and website design that helps users find what they’re looking for in a refreshingly simple and joyful way.

Goal - No more boring tables
Materiały prasowe - wizytowki
Materiały prasowe - smycz

Web design

Products in the heart

Products are the heart and soul of Productz. To put them first and foremost, we went for a clean and minimal look. Plenty of white space and discrete red highlights are the perfect background for the rich variety of products available on the site. Created for readability and transparency, the design is barely there and appears only when users need it.

WWW - Products in the heart
WWW - Products in the heart
WWW - Products in the heart
WWW - search
WWW - search


Minimal design makes pictures pop while handy options on the left help you filter out items you’re currently not interested in. Filters are unique for each category and display information from product-specific specs lists.

WWW - browse


Through coloring, interactive descriptions, and graphical visualizations we managed to erase boredom from browsing and comparing products. Color-coded fields and handy summaries help you quickly find out which products win in the comparison.

WWW - compare


User profile, lists, stashes, brand categories – there are many other screen templates that we designed for Productz. Each and every single one is unique but consistent with the others. Together they built seamless and visually compelling browsing experience.

WWW - explore

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