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This brand's the charm! See how changing the communication, visual identity and website design helped shape an image of a strong business partner.

The client


SmartYou is a SEM and online marketing agency which uses modern tools to create effective and successful campaigns. As a Google Partner Premium the company also gives strategic advice and helps companies plan their budgets.

The client - SmartYou


Your move

SmartYou is a team of young and passionate people but the company’s previous branding didn’t present them in the best light. We identified the brand’s lead business theme – traffic, movement – and visualized it through simple but dynamic key visual. It consists of images and graphics combined with geometric pattern inspired by the logo. SmartYou’s new identity underlines its core features: resilience, flexibility, and wholeheartedness.

Goal - your move
Strategy - professional by design


Proffesional by design

With so many marketing agencies offering similar services, we designed SmartYou’s new identity to stand out from the very beginning. We used full potential of the team’s youth and energy, highlighting their skill set and combined experience of many years. SmartYou is both professional and accessible. Teamwork and partnership play an important role in how SmartYou specialists treats not only its clients but also each other.

Key visual

More than pattern

Key visual is based on geometric shapes inspired by the logo. They can take the form of a pattern but are mainly used severally on top of black and white photographs to provide consistent look across different pages and mediums. Geometric shapes accentuate key elements of images, adding sense of depth, speed or expertise which align well with brand values.

Key visual - More than pattern
Key visual - More than pattern
Geometric pattern
solves a specific problem:
consistency of blog graphics.
Key visual - More then pattern

Web design

Always on the move

Just like online traffic never sits still, SmartYou’s redesigned website features plenty of animations and interactive elements. Key services have dedicated landing pages that can be used to generate leads through various campaigns while energetic look and feel of the site encourages to learn more and start a new campaign. Key visual and custom photos present the team in a professional yet very friendly way.

Web design - always in move
Custom step-by-step form
was designed to optimize lead generation on the site and make it easy for clients to get quick estimate for their campaigns.
Web design - always in move
Web design - always in move
Web design - zawsze w ruchu
Web design - zawsze w ruchu

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