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Snugs – E-commerce branding

Scandinavian symbols at the heart of the name and logo of a home accessory internet shop.


Slow life pleasently set

Snugs is a Polish retailer of Scandinavian porcelain and accessories for interior decoration – eg. rugs, candles, lanterns or frames. Anything that stokes the climate of a house or adds to its unique character.

Snugs - Slow life pleasently set


How exactly does a cosy atmosphere look?

We decided to abandon the strict, very simple solutions often associated with Scandinavian design and win over the customer with something fashionable, but a little unknown. At the end of the day, the store is a brand operating on the Polish market and its communication style – open and warm – has to hit home with Polish customers. We gave up on any obvious connotations, such as a home or porcelain and created the basis for a corporate metaphor.

Goal - How exactly does a cosy atmosphere look?
Goal - How exactly does a cosy atmosphere look?


New word, known meaning

Designed by us, the name is a combination of two words – the English word „snug” meaning cozy, warm, small but well-arranged and safe. Added to this was the Swedish word „snygg” roughly meaning something pretty, neat, tidy. The name fits the Scandinavian concept of hygge – or the state in which we enjoy the presence of loved ones, good food, beauty, cozy atmospheres and warm lighting. Hygge is the celebration of everyday life.

Naming - New word, known meaning

Company materials

A unique pattern

The company look is fulfilled with an extensive icon set, developing the logo. They can be used in various graphical forms and in many situations, complementing communication. The business cards are decorated in a simple style, decorated only by the icons embossed into colored paper of a correspondingly high weight.

Company materials - A unique pattern
Company materials - A unique pattern

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