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You have my attention

Strange New Things – Gaming studio design

Mystery as a storytelling motive for the web site of a Polish gaming studio.


Strange New Things, AAA games creators

This exceptional project was brought to us by a new, Polish game studio. Strange New Things was founded by experienced designers, that previously worked on games like the Wiedźmin series, Hitman, Dead Island or Dying Light.

Klient - Strange New Things, AAA games creators


Be grabbed by the mystery

It is one of the brand fascination keys. Cut strains, understatements, silence — all this can be more effective than complicated advertising campaigns. Strange New Things attracts your attention from the very first moment. Even its name sounds mysterious and the best is yet to come — hiding parts of the text, building a dark and secretive atmosphere at the same time using elements that are well-known by the target group.

Cel - Be grabbed by the mystery
Cel - Be grabbed by the mystery
Cel - zaciekawić tajemnicą
Cel - zaciekawić tajemnicą


Glitch, darkness and strong colors

The world of video games plays by its own rules. Dynamics, software errors, broken connections, and darkness lightened up only by glowing screens – we wanted to translate all that into the visual language of SNT's new website. Glitch is a symbol of imperfection that we managed to recreate perfectly and make a direct reference to hidden parts of text at the same time.

Additional features

Mobile and animations

What complements the design best is animation — all kinds of glitches on texts, background, and the logo. The background itself is also animated - starry night, ticking clock and the postwar scenery. The animations were created in cooperation with a professional motion designer. We have also prepared responsive screens for the tablet and smartphone.

Additional features - mobile and animations
Additional features - mobile and animations

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