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Triny – E-commerce branding

The right business model is a great foundation but often it doesn't suffice. See how we gave Triny an edge over the competition through a complete rebranding with elements of storytelling.


Natural cosmetics distribution

Triny is a an online store offering natural cosmetics, beauty products & accessories as well as a veried stock of tea, healthy snacks, and candles. The client asked us to create communication strategy and complete branding – from logo to key visual to web design

Triny - Natural cosmetics distribution


Design brand personality

Our main design goal was to give the brand a personality that it lacked until this point. Business-wise, the company has been growing and reached a point when the brand’s essence and building core emotional values became as important as increasing sales and developing structure of the store.

We used the name as the foundation for further works. Short, well-positioned in different search engines, with a great site domain and no strict lingual associations – it was perfect. We took this chance and built a story around the brand’s name. It ias based on three core values of Triny’s philiosophy: health, care, and pleasure.

Goal - Design brand personality

Brand materials

Key visual built from icons

In addition to online store and blog, we designed a series of company materials. It includes print collaretals, boxes, tapes, stickers, and leaftlets as well as two sets of unique icons (one replaces certain letters of the alphabet with icons, the other compliments the three core icons from the logo).

Feel beautiful
Triny box
Care and beauty
Care & beauty
Health and nature
Health & nature
Pleasure and ritual
Pleasure & ritual
Brand materials - key visual built from icons

Web design

Store for the enthusiasts

Triny’s online store comes with 9 main product categories and tens of subcategories. We also designed a company blog with several unique features. All pages are connected through common color scheme: green is the main color, while other hues (with their meanings associated to select icons from the logo) only compliment it in details and smaller modules.

Web design - Store for the enthusiasts
Home page
Home page
Highlighted benefits build trust and increase sales in the store
Visually attractive category tiles make it easier to find and discover natural products
Enlarged module encourages to contact Triny by phone
Product page
Product page
Simple layout and clearly labelled modules make it easy to scan the contents
Blog entry
Blog entry
Products mentioned in the article appear in a special module and redirect readers to the store

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