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Zenith – Kite hotel branding

Desert sands, ocean waves and kite surfing all rolled into one image for a North African kite hotel.


Saharah treasure

Zenith is a brand that offers its customers a multi-level experience – passion for sports, in touch with nature, taking your breath away, distance from everyday problems and finally rest in a fantastically well designed place. The design, luxuriously furnished chalets where customers feel a fellowship with other travelers, all while enjoying an intimate atmosphere. Here Zenith Dakhla Kite Resort – heaven on earth hidden somewhere between the sands of the Sahara and the waters of the ocean.



Many meaning, one symbol

Our aim was to create an image that clearly shows what the brand means, and at the same time, to project the brand’s climate and helps make the brand more memorable. We had to transfer to a visual form, the charms of nature which are appealing to Zenith’s clients. The brand name refers to the position of a kite, which is determined using the concept of hours on a clock. Zenith is twelve o’clock – the safest position, neutral, the same strategy of a kite in times of trouble.

Goal - Many meaning, one symbol
Zenith - logo
Zenith - logo
Zenith - logo

Company materials

Strenght in nature

We left the bold, intensive colors for nature and the competition. Zenith is a brand of relaxation, peace, passion. The brand strengthens body and soul, pure emotions. This purity and naturalness also rubbed off on printed materials. We focused on cream, the color of camel hair and gold – We continued the theme with desert materials, natural tones. In whole, it all fits in well with wood. The logo has been refined with gold foil, the single ornate element of this design.

Company materials - Strenght in nature
Company materials - Strenght in nature
Company materials - Strenght in nature

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