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Natural ingredients, healthy elixirs, and extraordinary branding. Check out how ZOJO's bold new visual language helps the brand stand out from the competition and be remembered by demanding clients.


A luxurious take on adaptogens

ZOJO is a brand created by and for women in response to their different lifestyles & needs. It consists of 8 lines of beauty supplements – unique mixtures of natural ingredients that impact beauty, energy, health, and well-being. The brand offers products for people who want to get in shape, increase their libido, get a naturally shiny skin, and start a well-balanced diet for the whole family – children and adults. Practical, powdered formulas work best when mixed together with everyday meals whereas sturdy jars protect the powders while on the go.

Zojo - A luxurious take on adaptogens
Zojo - A luxurious take on adaptogens


Incredibly consistent

The biggest design challenge was to create not the identity so much as a visual language for ZOJO. As an ambitious new brand, ZOJO needed a professional, trustworthy image of an experienced company. Our goal was to make a coherent design across different mediums that would allow specific product lines to shine at the same time. We knew that ZOJO’s visual language had to be extremely bold to stand out from the crowd and be remembered by demanding clients who see dozens of different cosmetics and supplement packagings on a daily basis.

Goal - Incredibly consistent
Goal - Incredibly consistent


Icons as the brand’s unique feature

As part of ZOJO’s visual language, we designed microbranding for specific product lines. Their unique ingredients and diverse applications give them a touch of personality that we’ve decided to illustrate with icons and custom-designed patterns. At first all packagings look similarly –  we deliberately designed them in such a way to highlight consistency across the products. The design leaves no doubt that all supplements are part of ZOJO’s offering and underlines its unique features.

The icons represent different applications of all the formulas. For Gorgeous we selected lips – a symbol of beauty and sensuality. Sexy, on the other hand, is illustrated with a chilli paper. Its piquancy and bold, distinctive taste are a perfect match for the formula’s unique ingredients that increase libido and sex drive.

Packaging - Icons as the brand’s unique feature
Packaging - Icons as the brand’s unique feature

Brand materials

From photo session to print

ZOJO’s new identity is so much more than just a logo and website. For the brand’s founder we also created a series of collaterals used on the social media or sent to customers across the globe. Product packaging have a very distinctive look and we didn’t want to copy that in the social media and print materials. In place of the pattern, we used lifestyle photos taken as part of a professional photo session that we helped organize.

Being aware of ZOJO’s special needs, we put together a complex photography brief that clearly described the composition, body language, decorations, and layout of all images.

Brand materials - From photo session to print
Brand materials - From photo session to print
Brand materials - From photo session to print

Web design

A brand-first online store

Website is a vehicle for the brand’s presence. We created branding copy that fits product descriptions and underlines ZOJO’s core values. All texts have a direct, personal tone. It was important to us to make customers feel like they’re talking to the brand’s creators who perfectly understand women and their needs.

Web design - A brand-first online store

Brand launch

Together from the start

Our work did not stop when we delivered final files. To make sure that the brand experience is top-notch for clients, we coded and configured the online store. We also designed key parts of the brand’s launch campaign on the social media. During the duration of our partnership with ZOJO, we stayed in touch with the brand’s founder to solve all possible problems and dispel any doubts as soon as they appear.

Brand launch - Together from the start

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